Sauna at La Banchina 

You can book our sauna every day (except Sundays during the cold season) from 08.00 until close by clicking on the widget on the bottom right where it says ‘Book a table’.

A sauna session is 1 hour and 45 minutes, costs 800 kr. and can be booked by groups of up to 8 people maximum. Please NOTE that you book for two persons in our system.

You can book your sauna session two weeks in advance. A new day opens for bookings at 08.00.

Book two hours before your desired visit, the latest, using our webpage widget. Please cancel 24 hours before through the booking system to get a full refund. No refund for late cancellations, thank you.

Sauna Club – Winter only
Between October and April, you can join our soup and sauna club every Sunday. You can choose to drop in from week to week and pay as you go or choose one of our packages for multiple visits at a discounted price. Please join our Facebook group for updates.

Waiting list
If there is no availability at your desired time – you are welcome to request to be placed on the waiting list. You do that in the booking system. If something opens up, you will receive an e-mail.

We will clean and disinfect the sauna between group bookings.

We do not offer showering or changing facilities, but it is possible to change in the front room of the sauna. A garden hose is available to rinse off and cool down afterwards. You can rent a sauna towel for 35 kroner extra if need be. We recommend to bring a towel, a water bottle, and slippers. Swimwear is optional.

Please read our sauna instructions carefully before showing up for your reservation. Yes, it’s the law – read it: THE-LAW-OF-THE-SAUNA.