La Banchina

La Banchina is a 16 seat restaurant and wine bar with an on-site sauna. Every day of the week we offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. We focus on vegetables and everything the sea can provide, thirst quenching natural wines and a chance to exhale by the water.

No reservations for our café and sauna – just show up and find a nice spot. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from October 25th to March 28th 2020, we offer a tasting menu where you can book a table. No a la carte on these nights.

Everything we serve is natural, organic, biodynamic and locally sourced. That means farm to table, no meat, only fish and clean wine. We strive to maintain a thoroughly sustainable restaurant in all aspects. Sustainable for the fish in the sea, the vegetables in the earth, the employees within our walls and the producers that we work with.

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