Vinter restaurant

Every Thursday to Saturday night from October to March, we present a food and wine experience out of the ordinary with a 12-course vegetable and seafood tasting menu. We recommend making a reservation for these nights.

Vegetarian and vegan menus will be available upon request with advance notice. You are welcome to book parties of up to 6 people through our system. For parties larger than 7 people, we kindly ask you to reserve the entire restaurant. Please contact us for more information.

Vinter Menu, 12 servings: 875,-
Vinter Menu with our non-alcohol beverage pairing: 1270,-
Vinter Menu with wine/alcohol pairing: 1550,-
‘The Bonfire’ – where you get to experience everything plus a lot of extras – just lean back and enjoy: 2300,-

We only work with small independent wineries who apply a low intervention approach to their winemaking. We choose organic when possible, and favour natural wines with low to no added sulphites.

Respecting the sustainable approach to winemaking, we enjoy the clean expression of terroir and grapes. Our wines span from easy-drinking to serious thinking. Nonetheless, they are all thirst-quenching and will make you ask for more.

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