Our Food

The food at La Banchina is rooted in modern Nordic gastronomy using products from our own Italian import from small, independent producers in combination with fresh organic and biodynamic produce from the best local suppliers in Denmark. No compromises here.

Every day we are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Focus is on high quality ingredients, carefully selected and prepared with great care to create memorable meals. We love and serve only fresh, cooked and fermented vegetables, fish and seafood.

Every day for lunch and dinner we offer two different plates. A fish/seafood option – priced 90-110 kr. or a vegetarian option priced 75-90 kr. Prices vary according to the serving. The menu is decided when the kitchen opens every day.

Kitchen hours May through September:
Breakfast: 8.00-11.45
Lunch: 12.00-16.00
Dinner: 17.30-21.00

Unfortunately, reservations are not possible.